BBCH was set up to help meet the needs of young Rroma children growing up in a small village where there are few opportunities available to them.

The role of BBCH in the village is to help put 1 John 3:18 into action as we are called to love in action. We believe that this can be done in the simplest of actions - offering a warm coat, playing with a child and even exchanging a smile. Through our projects we have been able to help children work together as a team, deal with conflict and learn the importance of forgiveness. 

At various times throughout the year, we invite the local Hungarian speaking children to join us for key events. This includes celebrating Easter, children's day and carnivals. We love the opportunity for all the children of the village to develop new friendships and learn about God. 

Our projects are run by volunteers and all of our resources are through donations. We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to making these projects possible. 

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Christmas Love, december 2016


Watch our video about our 'Love in a box' project which we launched for the first time in 2015. Many people across the world helped to make this happen and we would like to thanks them for their support.



Here are some of the highlights from our second English Bible Camp. The theme was, 'Robots' and it was a fantastic week!

The children learnt a lot about creation and how God made us unique!